The Therapeutic Powers of Coloring Art

In today's fast-paced, stressful world, activities that promote relaxation and mindful focus are more valuable than ever for our mental health. This is why the simple act of coloring art offers immense benefits for both children and adults.

Let's take a look at how coloring art can be a blessing to both kids and adults, and some of the benefits that arise from this fun activity. 

Kids and Coloring Art

For kids, coloring is an important part of development. The motions involved in holding crayons and controlling them to stay within lines helps build fine motor skills. Focusing on the specific task promotes concentration. Completing a picture also gives a strong sense of achievement.

Additionally, the freedom of expression allowed in coloring art sparks creativity and imagination in young minds. This is so key to developing your creativity! Unlike restrictive paint-by-number images, open-ended coloring pages allow kids to make choices and experiment with curves, lines and shapes. This boosts their confidence and cognitive flexibility.

Adults and Coloring Art

Adult ColoringFor adults, coloring delivers similar advantages by clearing away mental clutter and letting one's mind reset. The repetitive movements combined with the creativity involved induces a relaxed, meditative state.

The adults I've worked with almost always talk about how opening up the right side of the brain to creative work helps them to relax. More important, it gets one's eyes off computer screens, providing relief from the barrage of screens, emails, calls, and responsibilities we deal with daily.

Benefits of Coloring Art

Studies have also shown that coloring for just 10-20 minutes significantly reduces anxiety and negative thoughts. The change in brain waves and drop in cortisol levels are comparable to the effects of mindfulness practices. This makes coloring an accessible and effective stress reliever.

Beyond relaxation, time spent coloring also nurtures creativity, connection, and joy. Displaying finished pieces boosts a sense of personal pride and achievement. Coloring as a shared activity - whether between parent and child or friends - fosters meaningful bonds.

It's really that simple! You can have powerful benefits from creating coloring art, at any age. Try some coloring art for yourself - feel free to download a free black/white drawing for you to color on!

What do you think of coloring as a mindfulness practice? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments!